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The Computer Science Teachers Association(CSTA) presents


Vernon Hills High School has teamed up with CSTA(Computer Science Teachers Association) to create a hackathon that provides students with the chance to solve real world problems, especially focusing on the Coronavirus. 

VHacks was a huge success! We have 12 awesome judges from Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and local companies like BD, C4ITA, Data Managers, and local schools!

Check out the winners of 2020 here


Please invite friends and families!

Main Division

  • The Coronavirus has made many of us isolated. Unemployed. Worried, anxious, and afraid. This is the reality for millions of people across a country that has found itself a new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Many are worried about the elderly: even their own parents and grandparents. Others wonder how they will pay their bills, access schools and their services, daycares, enough medical devices to keep people healthy and alive.

  • There are so many problems to solve and you are tasked to try your best to think of creative out-of-the-box solutions to a problem linked to the Coronavirus.

    Click the events to compete in to find out more.

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